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Welcome to Creative Management.

Let me start with a short explanation of the title:

The word create comes from latin creare meaning to make something out of nothing. For something to be creative it has to create something new and valueable, something worth being copied, something that inspires further creativity.

The word management is also of latin roots: manus agere, i.e. "manual handling", as the coachman handles the reins manually.

What is the right way to manage a business?

We believe businesses should be managed through creativity bringing creation, moreover art into the pool of execution of many a great goal.

Living examples

Our readers will see features of living examples from many areas of business management. Their common trait is that they are all owners and leaders of  Hubbard Management System® model companies and in many cases they are credible, internationally renowned educators.

Just as L. Ron Hubbard was founder and leader to many companies and social betterment organizations. His methods of management were formed through various economic challenges governed by a principle Martin Luther King has said eloquently:

"Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr

Our challenges today

We face a challenge today and that is to make those companies that are constructive and creative able to find enough customres instilled with the awareness that they are getting real HELP.

In order to be able to achieve great things in a market filled with many competitor who have resigned to political corruption or a silent illegality we must raise our creativity to levels never seen before. And we must leverage that for the sake of our worthy customers.

Come along with us on this road, we reserved your place.